Destination unknown???

Lost beneath a wonder so full of thought hoping for a moment that time forgot, breathless and speechless ideas a flurry, wise as an owl, vision is blurry sight beyond seeing more anxious than hurry, knowing the moment is all that exist, reflect on my life, its all…

Happy New Year

The great unknown. We set off in a frantic scurry of last minute packing. Our New Year trip was decided the night before. We thought we we’re going to be on vacation the following week but plans suddenly changed and the family scrambled to get packed and…

Photo: by author in home.

I can only imagine what life would be like, I can only live in the now. How many years of madness must I endure? How many times must the fear linger to long? How will I know you if we never met? How do I…

Photo: by author.

The cold December morning air rushes around me, as I look off the porch into a field of white glistening snow.

I take the moment to think back on my life in the last year, it only gets me started down that rabbit hole of reflection.


Where do I begin, I gotta lot on my mind
What’s left for me to say,the right words I can’t find
I’m feeling under pressure,like I’ve run outta time
I keep looking for the answers, but I feel like I’m blind
My heart’s heavy with the weight, but my soul keeps flying
I wanna give…

Matt Landis

free thinking Freelance entrepreneur that loves to read and has fondness for writing. Thank You and enjoy.

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